New LooKbook

„The brand ‘Kombinizona’ was highly appreciated upon its entry into the Georgian market. It was able to get to the break-even point in just one month,” Gano tells us. It all started with Gano making a childhood dream a reality in adulthood with the support of her husband, Kakha, who was working with a friend on a new hotel brand when Gano walked into his life to interview for a job as a marketer. “Gano was to do market research and take the position of Head of Public Relations for the company. She was so interesting that I started to see life anew,” Kakha recalls. Gano has been creating sketches since childhood. Everything started with shoe models and later switched to clothing. Four years ago, while working on a master’s degree at Warsaw University of Management, she chose the topic “Color Acceptance in Georgia,” studying color matching and its therapeutic effects. Gano’s goal was to use her work as she pursued her dream – to open an innovative sewing factory which would produce clothing and accessories based on color philosophy. “I interviewed 1800 people for my survey,” she says. “I also worked with focus groups, learning how consumers perceive colors, how to plan color matching correctly, and its effects on mood and health. That’s when the outlines of the innovative sewing factory came to me. However, doing this job would have been completely unthinkable without Kakha,” Gano tells us.

LookBook SS/19-20